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Phase Flip Audio is a professional audio production company that was founded in Phoenix, Arizona on years of hard work, experience, and dedication to the craft of audio engineering. Being a musician myself, I wanted to create an audio production company that provides services that not only understand and listen to the musician/talent's needs, but ways to reach and exceed their creative goals as well.  I offer recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and programming services and can work projects from inception to completion.  I own one of the best sounding mix rooms in the valley and operate out of top Phoenix, Arizona recording studios for tracking projects.


One of the biggest advantages to current technology is the ability to work with clients around the country without any required travel.  I have worked with musicians from Arizona, Washington, California, Nebraska, Idaho, and more remotely utilizing services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to transfer audio files back and forth.  If you live in another state and have tracks you need mixed or edited, don't hesitate to reach out - it's no different than if you were five minutes away!

I believe that in order for a project to be a success, all pieces of the puzzle have to fit.  There is never pressure when discussing a project because it's not about sales.  If it's right, we will both know and if it's not, I can help point you in the right direction.


Check out some of my previous clients/projects below, then




Now Playing: Earshot - Let Me

Earshot - Los Angeles, CA

"Let Me"

Ra - Los Angeles, CA

"Fallen Rock Zone Remix"

Miss Krystle - Phoenix, AZ

"Woman In Motion"

Co-Op - Phoenix, AZ

"Old Scratch (Featuring Alice Cooper)"

The Exiled Martyr - Phoenix, AZ

"Iniquitous Binding"

The Exiled Martyr - Phoenix, AZ

"The Illuminist"

Cobrahawk - Ellensburg, WA

"Hot and Bothered"

Hangman's Joke - Bismarck, ND

"Good Day to Die"

Emissary Echo - Bismarck, ND

"The Maker"

Buried As Thieves - Phoenix, AZ


Throw Logic - Phoenix, AZ

"St. Merlin"

The Sammus Theory - Phoenix, AZ


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